A New Centre of the Universe?

Well....  just for a few days in February anyway.   TED is happening  right. now.   Ooh... I am like a teenager fawning over the schedule and speakers. It really feels like a bubbling cauldron of concentrated human possibilities. Very exciting.. and waiting for the talks to come online is edge of the seat stuff.

The blog has pictures to drool over - meanwhile.

Two quotes from it that I took an instant liking to... as is my want ;)

Michael Specter: "You're entitled to your own opinion -- but you're not entitled to your own facts."

Sam Harris: "Does the Taliban have a point of view on physics that is worth considering? ... No."



  Caleb J. Howard

2/13/10, 12:27 AM

"Facts all come with points of view." - David Byrne


2/13/10, 1:04 PM

And yet they remain facts, no one challenges their existence.

Unlike other unsupported assertions drawn from mythology.


2/13/10, 8:25 PM

Nice pic Caleb! :) I see where David Byrne is coming from... but I would suggest it is more that people create a point of view based on a fact. Fact exists first - point of view comes second.

Or of course, if you're into pseudoscience or religion... start with a point of view and cherry pick some facts to support it! ;)


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