The Scale of Things

I meant to post this back in December and forgot, and then a friend sent it to me again now, reminding me how freaking amazing it is.  It makes me ask so many questions as I watch it...  awesome (in the true sense of the word) and inspiring.  Dammit... where is a pocket cosmologist when I need one?!



3/19/10, 11:26 AM

This is the famous "Powers of 10" film from 1977 that I saw in High School:

It's hard to explain how thrilled we were by this.



3/19/10, 6:51 PM

Ooh.. that was fantastic! Really good graphics for the 70's eh? Damn... they never showed *us* that!.... I guess we didn't get the 'cool' stuff in New Zealand.

Sigh... things like that is what could really get kids into science. That and Richard Feynman cloned...


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