Hump Day

Wednesday. Second day this week I haven't made it to work... in bed kicked down by fibro and its fun-loving symptoms. A low day. Hump day? .... more like slump day.

To top it off, all this sickness is bringing on what I *think* is bursitis in my right hip. I've had pain in it at night for years - it was bad in LA but a memory foam mattress eased it and I never found out what it was. Being laid up all the time and not able to get out and walk because of the heat, is really causing it to flare into something ugly and mean and vindictive. I feel like one of those cranky old woman yelling at noisy kids - almost like a pirate "aggh, my bursitis is acting up again" ... but it's not funny and it hurts so much it wakes me up. A real gift when you have chronic insomnia and beg, steal and borrow every 'z' you can get.

Yup... slump day. I am watching cooking competitions on tv and trying not to think about being up all night. Think small thoughts. Have a better one!



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