A Lovely Little Thinker but a Bugger When He's Pissed

This is how I was introduced to philosophy. 

I think I'm really lucky to have grown up with Monty Python.  I'm not sure anything else comes close.

Strangely, my Australian education lacked the merest mention of philosophy - funny that. I wonder if they took umbrage at the Python's poking fun at them and decided to wipe it from the curriculum. Nah - I guess they thought Social Studies, reading Jane Eyre and navel gazing of more use to our impressionable young minds.  Anyway - no matter - I'm just glad that I finally have rediscovered the philosophers, and am even getting past their drinking habits and on to what they actually had to say.



11/23/09, 11:10 PM

I laughed and laughed and laughed!


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