Proof At Last

For all those self-righteous pricks like Gordon Ramsey who think it's acceptable (perhaps even motivational) to treat their employees like dirt - here is proof that it actually "stunts creativity, harms memory and makes you more aggressive", not only to the one being humiliated, but even those witnessing it (which is pretty alarming).  If ever we had a reason to teach people manners, and better leadership and team skills - now is the time.

To listen to an interview with the researcher - you can hear it on this BBC programme.



11/25/09, 1:12 AM

Not directly applicable, but for more on motivation of employees and creativity, see

In short, research dispels the capitalist myth that monetary rewards encourage innovation.

This is indirectly related to what you write, as so many business decisions are based upon monetary considerations.



11/26/09, 9:34 PM

*Wonderful* TED talk... if only we could get more people to put it into practice. Really nice.


1/5/10, 8:35 PM

Remember the book on The Endurance you gave me years back? Recently I bought this book - I am normally skeptical of how-to books about management or similar, but this uses Shackleton's Endurance expedition as a case study in leadership, really great reading.


1/11/10, 3:29 PM

Fascinating! It's nice to see the thread of a topic running through the years too :)


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