That thing I was saying about there being no original ideas? So.... at work the other day, a very long and enjoyable lunchtime conversation about life, the universe and everything (ok, so it went on for 4 hours but ssh - don't tell anyone). At one point we were discussing the beginnings of life on the planet and how amino acids have been found on meteors that came from outer space, and this has been postulated as a possible way that life began on Earth. The theory is called 'panspermia' and I said I thought that was an awesome name for a 70's style metal band. Gary replies " it is! Google it - you'll see".  

Maybe all the funny little things that pop into my head, have popped into many others' before me (after all, my atoms have been around the block), but I've searched and searched. There seem to be a few obscure bands with albums or tracks called Panspermia, but the best I can come up with is a guy on Facebook from the United Arab Emirates "In Summer 2007, My first song "Tears" was written when i was with my first "band" which was called Panspermia. This song stayed with me for about a year and a half, during that period the band was reformed with a new name and new members, without me ofcourse.[sic]"  I guess creating life and rock bands is not that easy.



11/24/09, 4:12 AM

"Panspermia" was a CG film made in 1990 by Karl Sims.

Pretty tame by today's standards, but at the time we were all very impressed. Massive parallel computing was used to make the film.

See it at:



11/24/09, 10:53 AM

Wow, that is really amazing! I sometimes miss those early days of CG - there was so much ground to break and all the new things were wonderful. Now ... hmmph.. lots of hot air (e.g. Avatar) ...but I don't really get those wide eyed goose pumped chills of excitement like I used to. I'll never forget the Sexy Robot, Tron or the Coca Cola Polar Bears :)


11/24/09, 11:00 AM

goose *PUMPED*?? hmm.... was I thinking of something else? hehe


1/5/10, 8:37 PM

goosepumped is my word for 2010. Dude I was GOOSEPUMPED!


1/11/10, 3:29 PM

Good to know my typos can come in useful for something ;)


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